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Unscented Candles

Unscented Candles


A wide and highly versatile range of unscented candles that have been designed for use with the Kenneth Turner crystal and glass range but that can be used in many different settings.

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  1. Ivory Chapel Candle 300/22mm


    Up to 13 hours burn time

    300mm (H) x 22mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £3.00

    Special Price £1.50

  2. Ivory Chapel Candle 130/70mm


    Up to 48 hours burn time

    130mm (H) x 70mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £7.50

    Special Price £3.76

  3. Ivory Chapel Candle 150/80mm


    Up to 73 hours burn time

    150mm (H) x 80mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £8.50

    Special Price £4.25

  4. Ivory Chapel Candle 300/30mm


    Up to 22 hours burn time

    300mm (H) x 30mm (D).

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    Out of stock

  5. Ivory Chapel Candle 175/70mm


    Up to 65 hours burn time

    175mm (H) x 70mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £9.50

    Special Price £4.75

  6. Ivory Chapel Candle 225/70mm


    Up to 84 hours burn time

    225mm (H) x 70mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £11.30

    Special Price £5.65

  7. Ivory Multi Wick Chapel Candle 120/120mm


    Up to 48 hours burn time

    120mm (H) x 120mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £15.76

    Special Price £7.87

  8. Tealights - Unscented


    Up to 8 hours burn time each.

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    Out of stock

  9. Ivory Multi Wick Chapel Candle 200/120mm


    Up to 80 hours burn time

    200mm (H) x 120mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £25.80

    Special Price £12.90

  10. Ivory Chapel Candle 280/100mm


    Up to 217 hours burn time

    280mm (H) x 100mm (D).

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    Regular Price: £28.00

    Special Price £14.00

    Out of stock

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" Ever since I first came across the Kenneth Turner candles with the bee lids thanks to my eldest daughter Natasha. The original scent has remained the tops for me. Year’s End, or Year’s Beginning I hope always to smell that unique fragrance. "

Vanessa Redgrave

" The products are simply beautiful. I keep smelling the fragrances and my favourites keep changing with every sniff! I will be writing up on the new range over the next few weeks until we can have them up online. There is simply too much to say in one "


" I thought the level of professionalism and the quality of the work you have done on the products and brand is outstanding. "


" I certainly think that the range looks stylish and all scents divine. I hope the orders flood in! "


" Many Thanks again for hosting such a lovely event yesterday, I hope that you were pleased with the reaction. We feel very positively about the re-launch and look forward to receiving the order confirmation soon. "


" Thank you for the invite to Brocket Hall, it was a great day and what a fantastic new range!!!! Very exciting! "


" Very pleased to see that original is still in the range as it has been a favourite of mine for many years i.e. room spray and hand wash which we use every day "


" The presentation is lovely, and reaction right now is relief that “Original/Signature” is still there. Signature is hard to beat as it is my favourite fragrance from any range "


" My favourite scent in the new collection is Celebration closely followed by Bubbly they are just divine very soft just beautiful and unlike any other room scent I have smelt before. "


" You have succeeded again to bring wonderful natural fragrances into our homes. "


" I have to confess I really like them all! "


" I loved the whole collection. Every fragrance is really interesting and each different to the other, which is important I think. All in all, a great rebrand. "


" I still adore the Blue tangerine and the Bubbly is my daughter’s absolute favourite and we both agree that we would fight over the signature fragrance as well "


" I love the original fragrance - but it is getting so hard to find! My best friend loves it too. We are always looking for Kenneth Turner! The best! "


" The packaging design is beautifully crisp and simple with the gorgeous floral lettering. The bottles themselves are very classic and luxurious looking which matches how they feel on the skin. "

Sally Wills - The Human Mannequin blog

" Soiree Hand Wash - It leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft and it doesn't dry out my skin like many soaps can do "

Becky - The Lifestyle Blogger UK

" Soiree Hand Lotion - If you're looking for an all round/every day hand cream, you should really try this one! It's great value for money and smells AMAZING! "

Becky - The Lifestyle Blogger UK

" I ordered a candle for a friends mum for her Birthday, wow! As a customer I have to comment on what a fabulous Signature Candle. She will be delighted. Keep up the ever amazing job you do at Kenneth Turner. You are second to none :) "


" Thank you so much for sending the 2 Winter candles for the filming of the Christmas episode of my new television series Coastal Cooking. The candles looked gorgeous and twinkly in the Festively decorated kitchen last week. "

Rachel Allen

" My friend we got the candlesticks for can’t stop talking about them & she’s been a bit down so it’s really cheered her up as she loves them. "


" Just received my beautiful wrapped candle for my father (father’s day) haven’t opened it yet….but thought I would say what a brilliant idea to put a card with a peel back sample- I received Soiree and I absolutely love it! "


" I ordered Signature so I am hoping my dad will love it. I love the new branding from the boxing to the beautiful comp slips with the floral display on the back – really pleased and you are my new favourite!!! "


" I just wanted to say how very satisfied I am with the responses I have had from your Sales and Marketing Manager. Each time she has written such informative and kind responses. She replied straight away with exactly what I wanted to know. "