The wax we use in our hand poured candles is a blend of mineral (paraffin) and vegetable (hydrogenated soy triglyceride) waxes at an approximate 80/20% split.  This blend gives good fragrance and colour stability, as well as good burn performance.  (The mineral wax is refined to the highest possible standards of purity.)

Our mineral (paraffin) wax is not hazardous to your health.  Our wax does not pose any adverse effects to the environment.  We can confirm that the wax used to make our candles does not intentionally contain any of the following substances: Benzene, Toluene, Styrene, Xylene, Formaldehyde.

There has been much press regarding various emissions from waxes and wicks used in candles.  In the main, these allegations are false, as unfragranced mineral wax emits only Carbon Dioxide and Water when it burns.  It is only when the fragrances are burned that the carbon deposits are formed and released.

With regards to wicks and the emission of lead, we only use 100% cotton wicks in all of our candles, therefore this is not an issue with our products.

For pillar candles, we use a unique wax formula, using a mineral base blended with other waxes and mineral oil to offer the same performance as the poured candle wax coupled with a good de-moulding capacity.

A well made candle will create virtually no smoke when burning properly.  However, if the wick becomes too long or an air current disturbs the flame, small amounts of carbon particles (soot) will escape as a visible wisp of smoke.  Any candle will soot if the flame is disturbed.  To ensure the optimum performance and burn time always follow the candle care instructions.

Pull Away – is what can appear to be air bubbles around the sides of filled candles.  This occurs as the wax expands and contracts within the glass depending on the temperature of the surrounding area.  This is a characteristic of all waxes, and the severity depends on the type of wax used.  The ‘bubbles’ are purely aesthetic and are unavoidable due to the nature of wax.  ‘Pull Away’ does not affect the burn performance of the candle in any way as what you see is not a bubble at all, but just where the wax has pulled away from the side of the glass.  It looks a lot worse than it actually is and it changes constantly with exposure to varying temperatures.  Cooler ambient temperature will make the wax contract more and therefore increase the amount of pull away, warmer ambient temperature can make the pull away disappear completely.



Includes natural vitamins and a blend of Evening Primrose oil (known for many benefits including skin heath) with Starflower and Calendula oils, both well known for aiding skin softening and moisturisation

Paraben free.  Not Tested on Animals.



  • It will take between 24-36 hours for scent diffusion to occur and the larger the room, the less noticeable the scent will be.
  • Occasionally reeds may clog and you will notice a drop in scent diffusion.  If this occurs simply replace with new reeds.
  • On average our reed diffusers should last for between 6-8 weeks but this will depend on many factors including the fragrance, type & number of reeds used, position of the diffuser in the home and seasonal temperature variations.  You will find that diffusion slows down in cooler environments and increases with ambient temperatures in summer and it can also vary in each room dependent on air circulation.  If you find your diffuser is diffusing too quickly simply reduce the number of reeds in the vessel.
  • Always read individual diffuser warnings carefully prior to use.
  • Diffuser liquid may damage polished surfaces.  Make sure you wipe any residue oil from the bottom of the bottle before placing on a protective level surface.


Our Reed Diffusers & Room Colognes are alcohol free, the benefits of this are:

  • Alcohol can mask the perfume and therefore with no alcohol content you get the true perfume scent.
  • Alcohol increases the evaporation of perfume oils and therefore reduces the longevity of the perfume, and may change the overall fragrance as the notes will evaporate at different rates.
  • Alcohol free spray is NOT flammable, alcohol containing room colognes are highly flammable when sprayed near a flame.
  • Alcohol can cause allergic reactions, many people are sensitive to alcohol – but often blame the perfume rather than alcohol.
  • Alcohol free products are suitable for those on a strict alcohol free lifestyle - as you will not breathe alcohol "fumes" from using the alcohol free room cologne.